Ivan Tsarevich & the Grey Wolf 4

Ivan Tsarevich & the Grey Wolf 4

Winter this year in the faraway kingdom happened especially long and cold. Just like last year. And like the year before last. But, lo and behold, spring has come. More precisely – almost came. With a blizzard, frosts and snow. As usual. And our heroes – Ivan, Vasilisa, the Gray Wolf and the Tsar-father would have been completely sad if the news hadn't come along with the almost-spring - the annual all-fairy song contest would be held in the Thirteenth Kingdom. Last year, Georges the hamster won there, and whose voice will be cooler this time? The tsar decided that the Faraway Kingdom would be represented by a scientist Cat. More than one cartoon passed together, and anyway he forgot about the books, yelling, or rather singing all day on the roofs, as befits a cat in March. And, of course, the whole company, led by Ivan and the Wolf, goes to support the fluffy singer.

0 trackers | Status: Released | Release Date: 2019-12-26 | Rating: 6.3

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